Lactofil Culinaire

Code: 09-08-400


Lactofil Culinaire, is a non sweetened Non Dairy Cream with a rich cream flavour. This cream can be used very versatile in the premium kitchen application as mend up for sauces and soups or for the production of savory snacks as well as in the patisserie for the production of cakes mousses and dessert specialties. The packaging is a 1 kr Tetra Brick (12x ltr carton box).

Main features:.

More consistent in performance:
The quality of a Dairy Cream can vary depending on varying qualities of grass and other feeds throughout the year.

Better stability:
Cream alternatives are designed especially for bakery applications, so functionality such as stability, whipping volume can be designed into a product such as Lactofll. - Designed for modem bakery applications:

Modem bakenes use machines to whip up creams. Cream alternatives can be designed to be tolerant to processing through machines. Similarly, products are often made in advance and transported to bakery shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Cream alternatives are more robust so that products look and taste better for longer, making them saleable for a longer period.

Maintains appearance for longer:
Colour, sharpness of decorations and structure of the whipped product are maintained for longer. Cream alternatives are more resistant to weeping (moisture bas from whioced cream)