Master Martini

Unigra is a company of Italian origin that was established back in 1963 by Luciano Martini with a focal business for edible oils, fats, and margarines, while taking a specialty in the confectionery products. Over the years it has developed its own mission to produce items for a highly specialized, professional market, that ranges from the big food industry to artisanal clients in the Bakery, Catering and Ice Creams markets. Propelling Unigra to have a global presence in over 411 countries operating its subsidiary firms through a rigorous network bringing you the best of Italy. Unigra industrial division has always operated to ensure products and service that meet the specific needs of each company. Today Unigra with its complete control over of its supply chain; from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of finished products, have developed a wide range of products to include; oils and fats, margarines, special fats, chocolate and chocolate substitutes, semi-finished product in powder, UHT non-dairy toppings, and UHT liquid base for ice cream. From Unigra we have MasterMartini Chocolate , Decor up Whipping sweetened cream and Master Gourmet Whipping non sweetened cream.