Golden State Foods

Golden State Foods is one of the largest diversified suppliers to the foodservice industry, servicing more than 20,000 restaurants from three continents. Founded in 1947, the $4 billion company is value based with proven performance in superior quality and customer service in both manufacturing and distribution. With approximately 3,000 employees worldwide, GSF's core businesses include: processing and distribution of liquid products, meat products, produce, bakery and other services, providing a variety of networked solutions for the total supply chain spectrum. Gsf manufactures hundreds of various condiments, suces, dressings, syrups, jams/jellies and toppings in a variety of quantity and packaging options. Golden State Foods puts the gold in McDonald's golden arches. The firm provides McDonald's with more than 130 products, including beef patties, Big Mac sauce (which it helped formulate), buns, ketchup, and mayonnaise. GSF excels in quality, food safety, assured supply, innovative R&D and exceptional customer responsiveness. The Company also runs the GSF Foundation for kids, a non-profit organization to help children and families in need.