PreGel was established in Italy, 1967, starting as a small business for the artisanal production of fruit based products, intended for local gelato and pastry shops. ln the last 40 years, PreGel has helped develop the sector of artisanal gelato with every new successful flavors such as Yoggi, the first and most famous Yogurt product, the first concentrated fruit pastes, Fruttuosa to prevent fruit gelato from stiffining. The list goes on and on of various innovations that has made PreGel the benchmark of novel and unique gelato .

PreGel has maintained itself as the largest European production company in the gelato and ice cream sector. By continuously evolving and pioneering technologies to develop innovative tastes and aromatic essences that take the gelato industry to an entirely new level. Today, PreGel products are widely spread around the world meeting the demands of all countries through its production plants in Europe, America, and Australia; globally acknowledging PreGel as the premium gelateria maker. Currently, their product range consists of Ice Cream Base, Fruit Ice Cream Base, Pastes, Diet Ice Cream ingredients, and Ice Cream Garnish.

Pregel Products