Cards began in the Netherlands, a company that produces high quality fruit fillings, glazes, toppings and gels. Its meticulous process of stringently selecting the best fruit and the finest ingredients, and high innovation made Carets the leader in its domain. An important ingredient of their process is the continual improvement, as a result of which they are constantly able to react to the wishes of the consumer of this day and age. Carols produces fruit fillings with a high fruit content, hot and process jets, jams for industrial applications and mirrors for the perfect finishing touch.

Fruit fillings: Fruffi

Fruffi is a quality Carets fruit product with a high percentage of whole fruit. The choice of Fruffi fruit filling means opting for the pure, natural fruit flavour as well as quick, easy and ready-to-use application. Fruffi fruit is tip-top fresh and sun-ripened as well as being subject to stringent selection criteria. It can be used just as it is, or as a topping or filling for confectionery, pastry products such as danish, puff pastry, or bread products and also as individual items (cake & bread) or as a bavaroise. as filling or topping, for confectionery. Fruffi comes in several exciting flavors.

Fruffi fruit fillings are bake-stable and freeze-stable. They can be combined to excellent effect with whipping cream, instant custard cream and cold glaze. Fruffi products contain a high percentage of whole fruit (mostly >70%) and represent a perfect balance between recognizable fruits and a homogenous filling.

Fruffi can be supplied the whole year round in a large number of delightful fresh fruit flavours. This means delicious confectionery can be made in any season of the year, with the delectable flavour of fresh fruit. For industrial application, Fruffi can be tailor-made to your requirements as to flavour, viscosity and baking performance and so be customised to your industrial line and end product.

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