Grace Bakeries

GRACE is our home-grown brand. It is the yield of our manufacturing arm operating since 2007. GRACE provides a full range of bakery & pastry products (available as frozen dough or frozen baked). Our product ranges include:

·        Bread (Vienna, loaf, burger bun, toast, baguette, ciabatta, panini),

·        Vienoisseries (Croissant, pate with a variety of fillings, sausage roll),

·        Pastries (Cinnamon roll, donuts, berliners),

·        Tart shells in new modern shapes & trendy flavors,

·        Muffins (vanilla, chocolate, orange, blueberry, hazelnut filling),  

·        Desserts (round cakes, cake sheets, molten cake with Belgian chocolate filling, cookies, brownies..etc),

·        Sandwiches & salads with extended shelf-life using MAP (modified atmosphere packaging technology) that preserves the freshness of every ingredient in a gas-flushed bag.


Our GRACE products are unique as they are manufactured using state of art machines & high-quality ingredients that guarantee quality, consistency & best price. Our clients portfolio extends to include all 5-star hotels (Travco Hotel Group, Azur, Orascom Hotels..etc), café chains (Mc Café, Second Cup, Attibassi..etc), restaurants, industries (Americana, …etc) & fine artisanal pastry shops in addition to partnerships with Ikea, El Shayea, Dunkin donuts..etc. Please visit our Grace website for further information.